One day in Shanghai

After the zebrafish conference, it would be rude not to check out Shanghai, especially since we had another meeting with a scientist there as well as our colleague from Tel Aviv.

Again, I was somewhat surprised that I really enjoyed Shanghai, it felt familiar in many ways as there is both a lot of European expats as well as restaurants, but also very novel. Whereas I am used to our European streets with Asian shops and restaurants scattered around, it was the opposite in Shanghai; Chinese and East-Asian restaurants and shops, with a French bistro here, and a London style barista there. I didn’t take pictures of that of course.

The one day in Shanghai was spent mostly in one garden… A lot of temples again. Sorry, not sorry. I love temples and gardens and water features. There is something so exquisite about the simplicity of the buildings and interiors that hide such an immense amount of understated detail. Red buildings and green foliage (that works because they are complimentary colours - I learned that when I was 10 and though it was important information, so I have stored it)

In Shanghai, the contrasts between old and new are even bigger than in Suzhou, and you really get that feeling of modern encroachment on the old. The states of some building are pretty shabby and the improvement to the lives that live in these buildings are likely to be improved in terms of sanitation and heating/cooling. The big shame is that everything goes, and that there is nothing left for the history but pictures on blogs. Very few people will remember how Shanghai flats for upper working-class and lower middle-class people looked in 2019 as opposed to 2022, and I almost missed out on that too.

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