Autumn updates

Sorry for being so quiet!

It has been a really busy autumn for both of us. Siv has been finishing her masters (she did amazing (no surprise there)) and Inga has been busy with her PhD. We thought we would give you a short update on what we have been up to with lots of photos and a promise to update more often in the future!

Inga's late summer and autumn:
I have been super busy with meetings and work.
After coming back from Norway in mid August, I have moved to a new place in London, been on a long Norwegian coastal trip topped with a meeting at the uni in Tromsø, meetings in Barcelona as well as another meeting in Bristol (puh). Aaaand I have started my PhD...

As many of you know, I am a molecular biology PhD student in London. The lab I am in work on circadian rhythms (body clocks) and use fish as a model organism to study the biology of circadian rhythms. Being from a country with huge changes in seasons and drastic differences in light from summer to winter, I am quite interested in how these extreme changes affects the circadian outputs in these animals. I am part of a relatively small lab that are looking to branch out more and do more fieldwork. That means more interdisciplinary collaborations and a lot of meetings with different people to make it happen. Its a tedious process, but I have been quite lucky to attend many of these meetings, which means I have travelled a fair bit this autumn. 

In mid September my boss David and I went to Tromsø in Norway to visit a colleague and learn more about how to do science on wild fish in their natural habitat. As David had never been to Norway before (which is strange, seeing as he is quite an natural history enthusiast), we went up the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Tromsø with Hurtigruten (Hurtigruten used to be a ship route for post, people and cargo since the late 1800s, but has become more of a cruise route these days. We spent a few days in Tromsø meeting up with some really cool people, and was shown around the university and their huge aquatic centre outside of town.  

A few days after coming back from Tromsø, we then went to Barcelona to meet up with a guy at the Consejo Superior de Invesitgaciones Cientificas (CSIC, pronounced 'sea sick' in English, hehehe) to learn more about videoing of fish (and thereby monitor rhythms) at different depths of the ocean. Although most of the time was spent in meetings, we had a day to snap some photos and see the sights!

Last but no least, I have also been to Bristol, where I went to the Wildscreen festival as well as meeting up with one of the photographers and an expert in fish telemetry from the University of Tromsø (missed him when we were there in September) to get some tips and discuss possible collaborations if we get a grant to go to Antarctica. 

Sivs autumn
As I had my master-thesis due 10th of September, this autumn was mostly filled with sitting inside writing and reading articles. In addition I moved in to a small and cosy apartment right at the edge of the city.
This last semester, being super-busy, there was little time for any adventures or travels.  I did, however manage to squeeze in some minor local trips.

Some photos from Nordmarka – forests located close to Oslo


Later this autumn, after I had handed in my thesis, I enjoyed a weekend at the mountains of inland Norway. The area offers a variety of typical Norwegian mountainscapes. We did a couple of nice hikes and enjoyed a very layedback norwegain hyttelifestyle. 

Late October Inga came home to Norway for a week and we got a small trip to her cabin, which is located in Hjartdal - Telemark, a two hour drive from Oslo.
Unfortunately we had quite bad whether, but nonetheless a very enjoyable escape from the city.


Thanks for reading!

S & I