Andalusian Rendezvous


I think it is about time we revive this blog.

To my amazement, the page is still visited regularly, sometimes as much as 20 times a day!
Last time I think I had too much of an ambition to write long and informative, which ended up taking too long. This time around I will focus on photos from my trips instead!

Spring has been a busy time for me, and last week I went to the south of Spain for a meeting with collaborators.

Photos from Cadiz

I usually always take a few days to go on holiday after meetings and conferences. I understand combining work and holiday is a “millennial phenomena”, as we don’t have much cash, but the desire to explore, and often travel for work. In this way, the destinations choose me more than I choose them, which has worked well so far.

I started off in Cadiz with the meeting I was going for, and lots and lots of food, all eaten too late in the day for my taste. After the meeting I took a day to do some birdwatching with Birding Tarifa (the guide was so good!) in the Cadiz side of Doñana national park. The day after we left for Granada, but a full bus meant 4 hours of extra time in Cadiz which was spent walking up and down the narrow streets. If I am to borrow the words of a New York ice-cream maker we met, Cadiz is beautiful without anything in particular that makes it striking.

Some candids of a few birds we spottet in Doñana

Naively we thought it would be easy to get to Granada from Cadiz. This was only half true. There is a bus twice a day, but they do fill up and the ride takes over 5 hours (alternatively a 7-hour train journey). On the bright side, you get to see some of the Spanish countryside.

Granada snaps

I spent two days in Granada exploring the narrow maze-like streets and of course the Alhambra. If I am to give one advice about Granada it must be to buy a ticket for the Alhambra at least 3 weeks in advance as they are impossible to get hold of at the gates. And be as early as possible!!!

Malaga snaps

I had planned on leaving for Oslo after Granada, so I also had one last stop in Malaga. The city was a bit of  a disappointment. It doesn’t really have anything that other cities don’t have except two nice fortifications. If you find yourself in Malaga, these forts are worth a few hours, and the bar/cafe found in the Alcazaba complex boast beautiful views over the city.

Alhambra photos

(Small apologies (only small) for the lack of symmetry in the photos that are supposed to be symmetrical. Either I should have calibrated the camera for the wide angle lens, or Andalusia has a lack of proper symmetry and straight lines in their architecture, I sort of hope for the latter)

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