Jorvik Viking Festival


 After a long time of absence, your sporadic favourite blog is up and running, due to the fact that I’ve done something interesting (and have more than three photos to prove it).


Last weekend I had a quick trip to York with the organic and sustainable Descended From Odin (DFO) Norse themed brand, who sponsored the Jorvik Viking Festival this year. They had brought in many of the ambassadors, the wolf pack, to help out at the festival in different ways. It was absolutely lovey to meet a lot of the other ambassadors that I only know through Instagram. I got to stay in a big flat right next to the cathedral with some lovely guys the size of mountains, and learnt quite a bit about weightlifting, knee wraps, “gains” and that big muscles doesn’t mean great strength.

I arrived in a York full of people out in the pleasant weather. The Jorvik festival kicked off with a DFO sponsored gig at the York Barbican with Sean Perry of Secret Knot tattoo, Nytt Land (including a super awesome pyro performance) and Myrkur. The venue is huge and has seats and good sound. I also got a photography pass so I could capture a bit of stage action, it has been a while.

Second day I did some shooting with two of the other ambassadors and visited the Cathedral. However, my main job for the weekend was of rather divine importance; I was playing Freya at the annual York Viking feast. I used to love a bit of theatre, but my last performance was over 18 years ago when I was in a school acting troop.

 The annual Jorvik Viking feast involves food, mead and storytelling between the courses. This year it was all about impressive historic and mythological ladies in the Viking era. This also meant it was Freya (i.e. me) and not Odin, who was hosting the feast. As the hosting Goddess, I had many difficult tasks which only a world class actress could pull off. This great performance of mine involved one line, walking up to a stage, sit down, some nodding, waving and eating for 3,5 hours (which I was apparently a natural at, who would have thought). I also had great company from my husband of the night, no other than Odin, which was played by a lovely Yorkshire chap. It was a pretty cool evening, quite far removed from my daily lab life.

 Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long, and had to go back to London after just two nights in York. On my last day I helped out with handing out some flyers (with my face on the flyer) to entice people into DFOs stall at the Viking market. I had no idea that there would ever be made flyers with my face on it, and as a curious self-absorbing end to my stay, I was willingly (and with some talent) handing out flyers to York’s inhabitants and visitors shouting “Norse themed ethical clothing” adding; “take the flyer it has my face on it” if they weren’t interested.


Thanks to everyone that came up to me or sent me messages at the festival. I am usually a ghost haunting corridors and labs at night in London’s finest University, so it was nice to meet some fresh faces!