Suzhou and Zebrafish

A couple of weeks ago I attended a zebrafish conference in Suzhou, China. It was a pretty full on conference, but I had one day in Suzhou to explore the streets and gardens, as well as an afternoon. Here are the results:

Pictures from the streets north of Xiangmen. People are still fetching water from wells and the housing is pretty poor. The skyscrapers and McDonald’s are lurking.

Pictures from the Humble Administrators Garden. This place was full of Chinese tourists and is supposed to be the 4th most beautiful garden in China. Who knew!

Pictures from the area we stayed in next to the conference centre. A quiet, modern place with a lot of tall buildings. Lots of plants and greenery but we saw so few insects and birds. They seemed to spray everything with something seriously toxic. We still laid eyes on tree sparrows, long tailed shrikes, white-vented bulbuls as well as spotted doves.

Suzhou was a very interesting place to visit and explore (although just for one day and some evenings).

I hope you enjoyed the photos.