Say Bye to Winter

I have had some really nice trips this winter, but there were too few photos to make a full blog post about it. So here are a couple of winter shots to prepare for spring!

In the beginning of March, I had a nice overnight camp with my stepfather. Weather was lovely first day and I fell asleep in my hammock looking up at the stars. The morning brought snow, and I woke early as snow started to build on my sleeping bag.

I’ve also had a few sleep overs at the cabin in January with my wives (Siv and Henriette) and Embla the dog. We had an absolutely lovely time, though there was little snow, and not even the mountains offered enough snow to ski!

In March a post op father and I took a trip to the cabin with Embla the dog and was surprised by the immense amount of snow. It was the kind of snow that makes you sink down to your hips. Or disappear altogether if you are a medium dog. The photos from the phone doesn’t quite cut it, but it was so hard to move and the drone crapped out, so please excuse me.

I also had some nice walks, both with and without skis!

Hope you are all getting ready for spring in the northern hemisphere.